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We specialize in assisting investors and companies entertaining prospects offered by the burgeoning market of Iraq. Home to the second-largest oil reserve in the world, Iraq lacks the infrastructure and development to take advantage of the opportunity. We offer consultations to assist companies endeavoring to enter Iraq in several industries, including:

• Oil & Gas
• Security
• Power Generation
• DoD Contracts
• Life Support
• Logistics
• Engineering Procurement Construction
• Telecommunication

Our Services

Many companies experience barriers to traversing the complexities of becoming established in Iraq. We are well-versed in the key points of Iraq's economic processes and use our insights to assist you with travel plans, licensing, visas, government contacts, and a wide range of complex processes, including:

• Entry and Exit Visas
• Blood Test Arrangements
• Airport Meet and Greet
• Oil Field Passes
• Customs Clearance Management
• Shipping and Ground Transportation Management
• Income Taxes and Social Security Management
• Travel (Airlines Tickets) Management
• Legal and Government Paperwork Management
• Forming a Trade Representative and a Branch Office
• Trade Missions
• Projects Management
• Ministry of Interior License and Regulations Management
• Manpower Supply
• Internet Service and IT Solutions
• Local Procurement
• Forming a Trade Representative and a Branch Office


Why Choose Us?

Our management team has established business relationships and industry knowledge to steer you through the political and social challenges and climates in Iraq. We have successfully helped many businesses grow and success. As experts, we are available to assist you in achieving your investment and business goals. Above all, we believe in providing quality services and expertise for new businesses that are committed to contributing to economies in the Middle East.

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